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Ruby Hughes

Ruby Hughes x PSTR STUDIO

Ruby Hughes born in London, started Sshepaints in an effort for us to connect during the Pandemic. Painting memories of Aperols and pizza in the sun, to cups of coffee and afternoon chatter.

They were love notes of what we used to have. Often posting them straight to the customers friend or family member. 'I felt like cupid'.

Fast forward to now she is still painting our memories of Pasta sauce, glasses of wine and the beauty in everyday life.

The ethos behind Sshepaints is - 'Anyone can paint'. The uneven, wonky quality of Ruby's pieces invites you to feel inspired, and either want to grab a paintbrush or go and sit in a wine bar.'

Instagram @sshepaints

€36 Regular price €45
€36 Regular price €45
€36 Regular price €45